Sunday, June 24, 2012

Round 8 Boorowa Rovers V Bungendore Tigers 23 June 2012


The Players (with jersey numbers)

Player profile link - HERE

1. Anthony Crowe 

2. Justin Corkery 

3. Mike Smith 

4. Dez Cockburn 

5. Chris Turner 

6. Nathan Lalliard (Capt) 

7. Michael O'Malveney

8. Sam Lynam

9. Nick Keeley 

10. Trent Holland 

11. Dean Allen 

12. Graham Moorby (Capt) 

13. Scott Irwin 

14. Murray Armour 

15. John Butterfield 

16. Mark Higgins 

17. Tim Costello 

18. David Boyle 

19. Matt Jones 

26. Ben Roberts 


Crowey x 1

Butters x 1

Corks x 2

Keels x 1
Deano x 1

Goals (Conversions): 

Crowey x 4

The Player's Player:

Scott Irwin, very closely followed by Nick Keeley & John Butterfield.  Well done lads.

Coach Danny says:

Gutsy win by the boys this week. To not play our best and still win is a very positive sign. All the boys put their hands up with injuries to Trent, Deano & Tim making it tough throughout the game.  Scotty Irwin & Nick Keeley were standouts.  See you at training.

Coach Bluey says:

Great to get the 2 points in a game that went down to the wire.  We may not be so lucky the next time we play a good side if we repeatedly give them opportunities in our quarter. Defending our line at the end for what seemed an eternity showed great character. Well done. Great win. See you at training. Go Rovers.

Captain Will says:

A fiery encounter as always against Bungendore. With the scoreline see sawing all game the Rovers should be very proud of their efforts to come away with the 2 points. That win takes us to the top of the table which is great to see. We know now that we can beat the best and it all comes down to attitude from here on in. Well done boys !                                                                                                                                                                                                


The Canberra Waterboy says:

The other side came to win, by whatever means, carrying a serious grudge for the thrashing we gave them at their home ground.  They played their grandparents and beef-cakes, probably because they had better "skills" than the younger guys.  Everybody had cold fingers and there appeared to be some interpretive issues with regard to the rules of the game, which caused some confusion.  Nevertheless, after our first early try our brains turned to mud for a while. Must have been the cold. That's how the other side got into the game.  They really didn't play that well.  Most of their jubilant moments came off our errors.  We need to fix that.  Why did we win? Guts and character!  Well done....but don't do it like that again.  The Waterboy was looking for a respirator during the last 5 minutes or so.

Just a quiet suggestion to all those noisy negative commentators on the sideline - check the competition ladder!

The Blood on The Wattle Award:  

Deano wins again.  Not his head this time, but his shoulder.  Off to hospital for a little maintenance.  I think Boorowa may need to put a new wing on the hospital if this keeps up.

Timmy might be challenging Deano.  It seems his head got in the way of "something" and was down for the count.  Watch out DA, your title is being challenged.

Moorbs did well too, with a nice cut behind the ear (his is the bandaged head in the pics).  Moorbs will be ok with the application of a little craft glue.

Trent took a heavy hit to his shoulder.  Perhaps its time for some really good shoulder pads. There's only so much you can do with strapping.

In the sponsors' tent

Cook, or sneaky food thief?

Suck 'em in mate.

Get him Sam...

Got him

Cuddle time....or is it love?

Just as well he ducked

Sponsors & others keeping warm

There's easier ways to have a spell...!

Our angels....(not you Justin..)

 HALF TIME..............................................

 HERE WE GO................

Ah.....the Bungendore No.8...... Good footballer, not sure about his sportsmanship!


Good on ya Skipper

Blackhawke down..........



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