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Player Profiles

These profiles have been provided from information supplied by the Boorowa Rovers RLFC, specifically game day player handouts.  Not so useful additional detail (authenticity NOT verified) is supplied by the Lalliard family!  The Canberra Waterboy remains innocent of any insulting, scandalous, defamatory or otherwise demeaning interpretation that may be erroneously placed on what follows.

This page is under construction, but has been published anyway.  It will be updated regularly until complete.

Dean Allan 

"Deano" is the go to man when a heavy hitter is required. His hits ring loud across the paddock and he loves to use his head during in the game, which is why he needs a few weeks off after every game.  In his spare time, "Deano" is a diesel mechanic for Corkhill Brothers Pty Ltd.

Deano's Dream:  is to finish work at 4pm so he can get home to make dinner for Claire & the kids.

 Murray Armour

Muz is an apprentice carpenter who moved from Boorowa to Canberra this year to pursue a career in the construction industry. Muz played his entire junior rugby league career in Boorowa and made a very successful debut season last year for the Rovers.  Murray is undoubtedly the keenest player in the Rovers outfit and specialises in leading the stretches before games and training.  He played every game last season  and deserved the Rookie of the Year Award.

Muz's Dream: To work for Aldi in Queanbeyan.

Phillip Beere

Beerey is 25 and is a clerk at Kanga Hardware.  He has green & gold running through his blood and was a major part of getting the club up and running.  He will often be seen behind the scenes running errands, cooking BBQ's and generally ensuring the club runs smoothly.  Beerey will line up in the front row again, so be ready for his infamous hit-ups.

David Boyle

Boyley is a 23 PE teacher at Dickson College in Canberra.  He is a great clubman who couldn't resist coming back for another season with the Rovers.  Boyley is a typical redhead who loves running and tackling.  This caused him big dramas in the good looks department, breaking his nose twice during last year's season.  After an operation to get things rearranged, a stray swinging arm at pre-season training convinced him that he should hang onto his girlfriend (local girl Alysha Johnston).  A player like Boyley can win you a grand final, provided he doesn't use his nose for aiming his kicking!

Boyley's Dream:   Would love to be a PE teacher at Girls Grammar, or a plastic surgeon specialising in nose jobs.

 John Butterfield

A 24 year old plumber from Canberra it is great to have Butters back!  After playing rugby all his junior years, this hard working front rower is loving rugby league and can't wait to put the boots on.  Butters is renowned for mastering the simple aspects of the game - running and tackling.  John's loud humour ensures training is always entertaining.  He was named Best Forward in 2011 for the Rovers and will only improve on last season.

Butters' Dream:  Would like to finish his apprenticeship by 2020, then get a job as official taster for Four & Twenty Pies.

Dez Cockburn

Dez started his working life as a cherry picker in Young.  He moved to Canberra for more stable work and is now employed for PFD under coach Danny Lalliard.  Needless to say it didn't take long before Dez was signed up and off to Rovers training.  With a focus on fitness, Dez can be relied upon to give a full 80 minutes on game day.  Dez is happily building his family in his spare time, with a daughter in hand and a new bubs on the way.

Dez's Dream:     Would like to quit his job, but the Coach won't let him.

Justin Corkery

Employed by Boorowa Council, Corks is one of the best finishers in the George Tooke Shield.  He has great hands and the ability to get over the white stripe.  He is a major asset to the team.  Justin has a long family association with the Rovers, with both he and his family generously donating their time to helping the club whenever they can.  Corks has been the leading try scorer for the Rovers over the past two seasons and looks good to repeat that in 2012.

Tim Costello

Tim is employed as a carpenter in Canberra.  Last season he was severely struck down with an ACL injury.  Not to be beaten by this damage, Tim showed great commitment to his rehabilitation and did all he could to ensure his return to the paddock this season.  Tim plays a similar game to Daly Cherry-Evans and it is great to see him back, with a 4 pointer in his name on his first outing for the season.

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