Sunday, June 10, 2012

Round 7 Harden Hawks V Boorowa Rovers 9 June 2012


The Players (with jersey numbers)

1. Murray Armour
2. Justin Corkery
4. Dez Cockburn

3. Mike Smith

5. Chris Turner
6. Scott Irwin

7. Anthony Crowe
8. Will Elkins (Captain)

9. Duncan Marchant
10. Trent Holland

12. Dean Allen
11. Graham Moorby

13. Sam Lynam

14. David Boyle

15. John Butterfield

16. Tim Costello
18. Justin Tarrant

20. Phillip Beere


Justin Corkery x 1

Trent Holland x 2

Goals (Conversions): 

Anthony Crowe x 3

Player's Player:

No. 15 John "Butters" Butterfield

..........closely followed by Dez & Deano, with Crowey, Scott & Morbs in the mix as well.  Good effort and great team work.

Danny Lalliard (Coach)

Coach Danny says: 

Good effort by all the boys. We played without our starting 6,7 & 9 which hurts in any team. On top of that, injuries hit us hard during the game and we simply ran out of puff. The game was there to be won but lack of discipline in our own half cost us again. We need to respect the ball after scoring points. We invited Harden back into the game and they took it. Plenty of things to work on and competition for spots means you need to get to training. Great to see Dezzy and Smithy get involved a lot more this week. Butters back to his best and a deserved man of the match. I would't like to be Crookwell next week as I feel we have a big one in us next week. Go the Rovers.

Coach Bluey says:

The effort was there for everyone to see.  It was always going to be difficult with a few players out and early injuries that depleted our bench. However, we really shouldn't be looking for excuses. We were in control of the game yet our discipline and execution was simply not good enough.  We need to bounce back next week in front of our home crowd.  See you at training.

Captain Will says:

Very proud of the boys effort, did not stop trying all day. An undermanned bench saw us run out of steam late in the match. Still a few  things to work on this week at training. But the boys can hold their heads up high. Remember, take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.

The Canberra Waterboy says: 

Well, we took a hit.  Nothing to be ashamed of boys.  We were short handed and suffered some early injuries, so it was going to be difficult.  Mistakes were made, but you always get that in the heat of battle.  So learn from those, then get over it quick smart!
Next week we play Crookwell.  I did hear some comment around the traps that this will be an easy game. Crap! Who beat us in the pre-season game? That was with a team dragged out of the pub and the Rovers with a couple of months solid training.  Respect the opponent boys. Always!

Henry Lawson

The Blood on The Wattle Award:  

(In case some of you are wondering where the title of this section comes from, it is a miss-quote of a Henry Lawson poem "Freedom on the Wallaby", written in regard to the 1891 Shearers Strike. The full poem can be found here.)

Well, a lot of knocks and sore bits and pieces, so a couple of things to worry about.  Captain Wilbur has concerns about his leg and Dunc will need to check his hand out as well perhaps.  Dez copped a good one again and is sporting a lip the size of a dinner plate.   Perhaps a "No Blood on The Wattle Award" should go to Butters for his peace-making role during an incident late in the game? Yep...that'll do.....Butters gets the gong this week.

Foggy's cheer squad

Game on

Wrong bloke..he doesn't have the ball

Bugger....skipper out of the game

1st conversion of the day for Crowey

Dez having a spell & a quiet chat with the opposition

You just have to hope there's a Harden player in there somewhere

Was that a friendly tummy rub for Deano?

Most unfortunate placing of the boot

Quick play the ball....they were at it all day!

Butters working hard.

Another penalty missed, perhaps?

Corks is beaming...we won that penalty

Murray to the rescue

Another friendly chat?

I thought Higgo was praying, but he's not. Look closely.

More play the ball interference, maybe?

Going down like flies, now!


The following photographs have been contributed by my daughter/Danny's wife, Vanessa Lalliard.  She is a much better photographer, so you will understand that she won't be seen here often.  Go nuts folks....there are 110 of them.

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