Sunday, July 1, 2012

Round 9 Boorowa Rovers V Goulburn Exchange 30 June 2012


The Players (with jersey numbers)

Player profile link - HERE

1. Anthony Crowe

2. Matt Jones

3. Dez Cockburn

4. Mike Smith

5. Murray Armour

6. Nathan Lalliard (Capt)

7. Michael O'Malveney

8. Sam Lynam

9. Nick Keeley

10. Mark Higgins

11. David Boyle

12. Graham Moorby

13. Scott Irwin

14. Chris Turner

15. Justin Corkery

17. Tim Costello

20. Phillip Beere
21. Duncan Marchant

26. Ben Roberts



Anthony Crowe x 1
Matt Jones x 4
Mike Smith x 1
Dez Cockburn x 1
Murray Armour x 1
Nathan Lalliard x 1
David Boyle x 2
Justin Corkery x 1
Tim Costello x 1


Anthony Crowe x 8

The Player's Player:

Scott Irwin - again - very closely followed by Matt Jones & Sam Lynam.  Well done lads.

Coach Danny Says:

Tough to say much about the game when the opposition turn up with half a team.  We played with a lack of discipline in attack and played touch footy at times. Good to see Jonesy score 4 tries and to give everyone a bit of time on the paddock.  Thanks to those guys who stepped up to help give us a game.  Two byes and down to the business end of the season.  See you at training.

Sorry Mr President - Best  I could do!

Guest Comments - Danny Cassells, Club President says:

Under extremely difficult circumstances the boys came away with a very comprehensive victory. Although it seemed like the boys dropped a bit of ball they still managed to score 68 points which is fairly impressive. Playing against them I can honestly say it was only a bit of execution that let them down which I think goes mainly down to the fact there was hardly any defence in front of them. Overall very pleased with the result and I think the 2 weeks off has come at a great time so freshen up boys, it’s there for the taking.

Captain Will says:

Not the boys best performance but still some positives to take out the game to score 68 points is pleasing. Credit must go to Exchange and to the local boys for making a game of it. Enjoy training these next two weeks!

The Canberra Waterboy says:  

Well lads, two weeks off (not counting training, of course) then into the back end of the season.  We have done well to achieve the top of the ladder, but now it does get serious.  You will remember that you all nominated to play to win, not just for fun.  From now on it has got to be commitment, commitment, commitment - not just on game day, but also at training.  Show up to train and show up to play serious footy.
I know you can do it, because one thing I have learned over these past few months is that you guys have the grit and the guts to be the number one team in the comp this year!  Let's finish it off well.

PS: I want someone to help me keep stats on game day, one of you guys who isn't on the team for the day.  I'll supply everything you need. You'll supply good knowledge of the game and sharp eyes.  If interested send me an email - .

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