Sunday, June 17, 2012

Round 7 Boorowa Rovers V Crookwell Green Devils 16 June 2012 9 June 2012


The Players (with jersey numbers)

1. Anthony Crowe
2. Chris Turner

3.Mike Smith
4. Ben Flynn

6. Nathan Lalliard (acting Captain)
5. Justin Corkery

7. Michael O'Malveney
8. Sam Lynam

9. Nick Keeley
10. Trent Holland
11. Graham Moorby

13. Dez Cockburn
12. Scott Irwin

14. David Boyle (Profile page)

15. Dean Allen (profile page)

16. Matt Jones

17. Tim Costello

18. Mark Higgins

19. Justin Tarrant

20. Bluey (The Blizzard) Izzard


Justin Corkery X 2
Trent Holland X 1

Sam Lynam X 1
Nick Keeley X 1

Graham Moorby X 1

Mark Higgins X 1

Goals (Conversions): 

Anthony Crowe x 5

The Player's Player

No.6 Nathan Lalliard
.........................with Sam, Dez, Boyley, Scott, Smithy & Moorbs all collecting strong support as well.  Once again just demonstrating great team work.

Coach Danny says:

Great effort in the average conditions with our ball control and discipline being excellent.  I thought our halves controlled the game well and adjusted well to the conditions.  Another good performance from Trent leading the way forward.  Great to have Higgo back and welcome Benny Flynn to the side. Tough game next week against last year's premiers.  The question on everyone's lips is will the Blizzard strike again? Go Rovers!

The Blizzard says:

Great game guys.  The opposition wasn't the strongest but our ball control in the conditions was excellent.  We resisted the urge to plat touch football, stuck to the game plan, with talk and commitment in defence as good as it has been all year.  Our combinations are starting to gel and the fitness work we have done is starting to pay off.  Big game next week at home and in front of our sponsors.  See everyone at training.

Captain Will says:

Impressive from start to finish. The boys adjusted their game to suit  conditions perfectly. Our forwards really dominated and set a great platform for our backs to work off. Keeping Crookwell scoreless is something we can really be proud of. The boys can take a lot of confidence out that game and hopefully we can continue that form to next week. Well done boys!!

The Canberra Waterboy says:

The paddock was drowning
From a downpour unceasing
When from deep in the south
A Blizzard came seeking
....a comeback!

Midst all the goo
And the slushing and shouting
The Blizzard bounded forward
Took a hit and began eating
....the mud!

The two minutes were up
And the Blizzard was dying
While the sideline roared roundly
And the others were pleading
....for mercy!

The Blizzard retired
With pride and no reproach
But pondered most deeply
Perhaps to just coach
....too old?

The Blood on The Wattle Award:  

Deano wins again.  Keeps on using his head in every game.  Unfortunately its always when he tackles.

The rain caused a little havoc with the non underwater camera.  Sorry about the quality folks.

The Blizzard runs on 

That's Dez under all that

Tha Blizzard's first run, I think

Blizzard again

What are you thinking Mr Blizzard

Half time chat

A future Rover??

Three mates

A bit wet Mick...???

What's that Grandad?

Powder puffs

Too many tries...can't keep up with the paperwork

Where is everybody??

That's Boyley......well.....I think.



  1. Love when the blog is up, another good one... good win guys ... Will the Blizzard ever play again??

    1. To play or not to play, that is the question!

  2. Could be another storm cell forming over Boorowa next weekend. Stay tuned