Thursday, June 7, 2012

Round 6 Goulburn Exchange V Boorowa Rovers 3 June 2012



  • Justin Corkery x 1
  • Mike Smith x 1
  • Michael O'Malveney x 1
  • Sam Lynam 1
  • Nick Keeley x 1
  • Trent Holland x 2
  • Anthony Crowe x 2
  • Matt Jones x 2
  • Tim Costello x 1


  • Nathan Lalliard x 6
  • Anthony Crowe x 5

Player's Player:

Sam Lynam

Coach Danny says: 

Good to put a score on Goulburn this week, we controlled the game and and played positive footy. Sammy Lynam again a standout leading the way up front
Next week we welcome Deano back from injury against Harden. This will be our hardest game yet and a real test of character for us with a few players out but I am sure the boys are up for the challenge. Bring it on!!!!

Coach Bluey says:

A great win which will do wonders for our confidence, as well as our for and against.  We still have plenty of room for improvement, but the signs are good.  We have a challenging game against Harden this week with a number of players unavailable. We will tweak our game this week, so will need everyone at training. Go Rovers!

The Canberra Waterboy says: 

Good win, but I just hate big scores.  There can be a temptation to get cocky.  So, if we are only as good as our last game, maybe we should be thinking the game against Boomanulla, or even Bungendore.  The game against Harden demands respect, not over confidence.  They are a great team with a great history.  They have something to celebrate this weekend and will be looking to put one on us.  We wish them well in their celebrations, but they don't need to win!  Respect  the Harden team, respect the ball and respect your team-mates.  That's how we can win the day.

The Blood on The Wattle Award:  

Well, good to see no injuries.  However, maybe Dez deserves something. A 10k fun run in the morning for charity, then backing up for the game.  Not happy with that, he faced down a challenge without swinging or shedding blood.  A cool head, or perhaps luck.  Anyway, Dez, you can have the "Blood on The Wattle" gong this week.

Kick on

Mick having a quiet chat!

Trent loves his pampering

All under control

There it is....over there.

Its mine....

....not for long.....

......there you go.....

....told you.

He's off......had enough

Jonesy on his way to glory

Go yourself Sam

We're ready...where are they?

Tell Boyley........get up yer mug.

Its yours Crowey

Well earned blow Crowey

Good sports ...... show up and help anyway.

Nice pose Nate

Scotty...always smiling

Stay down fella

You win Dez

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