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SEMI FINAL Boorowa Rovers V Hall Hornets 25 August 2012



We remain the Minor Premiers, but now we have a date for some score settling with Bungendore before we meet Hall in the Grand Final.  
We are still in this competition! 
Come on Boorowa. There is no fishing comp on next Sunday, so gather up all the local Dads to celebrate Fathers' Day supporting the Rovers.

Our Angels...

The Players (with jersey numbers):

1.Anthony Crowe

25. Brett Izzard

14. David Boyle

10. John Butterfield

18. Josh Fogg

2. Justin Corkery

9. Nick Keeley

7. Tim Costello

26. Trent Holland

12. Graham Moorby (Capt)

4 Dez Cockburn

16. Murray Armour

5. Chris Turner

3. Mike Smith

13. Mark Higgins

15. Michael O'Malveney
20. Dean Allen

6. Nathan Lalliard

11. Scott Irwin

8. Sam Lynam


Anthony Crowe x 1

Scott Irwin x 1


Anthony Crowe x 1

The Player's Player:

Scott Irwin

Coach Danny Comments.......

That's footy boys. We seemed to lack direction this week and really didn't stick to the plan we discussed.  We made several errors at crucial times that put us under pressure.  Hall are a very good side and they wanted the win more than us this week.  Scotty and Dezzy, from what I can see, have been outstanding week in and week out.  Heads up boys.  We have another crack this week.   By the way, well done Wigga.  I am happy to eat humble pie.  You never looked like missing a tackle.  See you at training.

Coach Bluey Comments...............

Heads up guys, we didn't play that bad.  We made some errors at crucial times and it seemed like every 50/50 call went against us.  What's important now is how we bounce back next week.  Its all or nothing so lets get to training, come together as a team and finish Bungendore's year in front of our home crowd.  Go the mighty Rovers.

Captain Will Comments........

Was a big game for the boys and the town. A great crowd turned out at the show ground which was excellent. Unfortunately the game did not go our way but we can't be disheartenend by it. That wasn't the grand final! We have another game to prove ourselves. It goes to show though all our hard work and success so far doesn't mean too much without winning these next two games which I know we are capable of doing. We will have a good week at training this week and hook into Bungendore on Sunday. I must mention Scotty and guys were outstanding yesterday. Heads up see you all at training!!

President Danny Cassells Comments.......

Heads Up , they were just too good on the day. It doesn’t matter what grade of footy you play , finals matches are normally won by the team with the least amount of mistakes and today it wasn’t us. Once again Scotty & Dez were outstanding and I also thought Moorbs, Trent, Crowey & Wigga tried their guts out all day. At least it wasn’t the Grand Final because there is no way you guys can play like that again.  At training can someone count Smitty's fingers and see if they are all there (Only Joking Smitty I definitely know you haven’t got another game like that in you!).

As the old saying goes “You are only as good as your Last Game” . So with two games remaining its in your hands. Go The Rovers!

Canberra Waterboy Comments..........

It was one of those days where we let "stuff" get to us.  Those crazy decisions seemed to rattle us because they were so obvious.  Then our mistakes also cast a shadow.  You played your hearts out, but its not enough if there is a load of crap running around in the brain.  So those things happen, don't they.  We just need to let it go immediately, like it never happened.  Concentrate on the next move, the next play.  What is done is done!  From here on in its got to be back to basics......the work that you guys can do so well.  Things like a fast play the ball,  heavy tackling with a secured ball, finish the sets, being in the right position and backing up your mates, talk (it was very quiet out there...a sure sign that you were dwelling on "stuff" rather than what's on next).  You know all this better than I do.  So lets take it to Bungendore and have our day with Hall. 



This next sequence aren't great photo's, but could someone tell me how any Referee, plus a Touch Judge, could miss this.  Of course, I could be seeing this all wrong!

1st movement

2nd movement

3rd movement

4th movement

5th movement

6th movement

That is all unbelievable. Perhaps the ref's association could explain.


This is what a fast play the ball looks like..........
Tackle in progress.......

........tacklers still at it but play the ball commencing......

.........playing the ball...tacklers not in position.... continues. He's called "The Blizzard" for a reason!

Another quick play the ball........

....and 2.

 Not much wrong with the he goes.


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