Sunday, August 19, 2012

Round 14 Boorowa Rovers V Hall Hornets 18 August 2012



Regardless of the result.....we are MINOR PREMIERS and have a HOME SEMI FINAL.  

See you at Boorowa on Saturday the 25th of August.  

Boorowa...25/8 will be for you!

The Players (with jersey numbers):

25. Brett (The Blizzard) Izzard

4. Chris Turner

1. Anthony Crowe

8. David Boyle

10. John Butterfield

3. Josh Fogg

2. Justin Corkery

19. Phillip Beere

9. Tim Costello

20. Trent Holland

13. Dez Cockburn

5. Murray Armour

14. Mark Higgins

7. Michael O'Malveney

6. Nathan Lalliard

16. Justin Tarrant

15. Duncan Marchant

26. Ben Roberts
12. Graham Moorby (Capt)

11. Scott Irwin


Anthony Crowe x 2
John Butterfield x 1
Scott Irwin x 1


Anthony Crowe x 4

Penalty Goals:

Anthony Crowe x 1

Note To Readers:

Crowey added another 18 points to his season total today.  That puts him on 102 points.  Will Parson (Hall Hornet's No.6) only added 4 points to his tally, bringing his season total to 108. Unless Bungendore's Steven Death added more than 13 points to his total of 89, Crowey is in second place and a serious contender for 1st.         Go the Crowe!

The Player's Player:

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Dez Cockburn with another outstanding performance.

Coach Danny Comments.......

Well guys, we did just enough to secure the minor premiership, not to mention a home semi final.  Congratulations boys on finishing with that title.  We were up against a massive wind and a team that played the perfect first half.  If you weren't there you wouldn't believe we only had the ball for a total of nine tackles in the first half.  Hats off to Hall for a great half of footy.  The second half we showed character and came back to only loose by 14 points.  What can I say?  Dezzy was simply outstanding in defence and Scott Irwin great on that left edge in the second half when we finally got some ball.  I would like to than JT, Beerey and Marchy for making themselves available.  Tough game this week playing Hall again at home.  Plenty of work to do, especially for Sarah and Wendy having to put the boys back together.  Thankyou girls for your efforts this year, being at every training session and every game.  Lets get a big crowd to the game next week and see if we can get one step closer to the Grand Final.Go Rovers. See you training.

Coach Bluey Comments...............

We showed plenty of character to fight back from 26-0 at half time.  We have managed to secure the minor premiership, but will need to lift and come together as a team next week.  We cannot dwell on the fact that out injury toll is high.  The next couple of weeks will define our season.  Chins up guys and lets show Hall what we can do with an even share of the ball next week.  See everyone at training on Tuesday.  Go Rovers.

Captain Will Comments........

Well we are minor premiers well done boys! The game was a tough one Hall came out all guns blazing with a big breeze at their back. The bounce of the ball went totally their way with the Rovers seeing very little ball in the first half.  In a true test of character the Rovers never dropped their heads and really turned things around in the second half putting on 26 points. We will welcome back some injured players next week and can't wait to play semi final football in front of a big home crowd. See you all there!

President Danny Cassells Comments.........

Congragulations on a fantastic comeback to get within 14 points after trailing 36-0 was not only good to watch but I’m sure pretty nerve racking for coach Lalliard.  Dez and Sotty were fantastic in the forwards and really stood out all day. I thought Cossy is really starting to play some good footy and  with his confidence back could be one of our X factors throughout the finals. Moorbs you are dead set a machine and to play the whole game with those injuries shows not only the pride you have in the jersey but the confidence you have in such a young team and believe me it all helped. Well done for getting the minor premiership and although we may have a few lads back next week remember they won. Over and out go you Rovers!

Canberra Waterboy Comments..........

Stress levels excessively high again for old blokes, but what a gutsy performance.  You blokes showed everyone, yet again, what courage, commitment and fitness can achieve.  There is no doubt that it was those qualities that won us the minor premiership and a home semi.  

Now, I want to say a little more about commitment and courage.  On our bench this week were a small number of guys who put on the colours because they were asked to, because they may have been needed.  They did so despite injuries and in the knowledge they may not get a run.  These fellows are loyal club men.  They have been key men in putting the club back on the paddock and, without them and others like them, this season would probably not have happened.  So, thanks guys.  I have no doubt the club appreciates you and I know the club needs you.

Come and get me sucker

Is that all you got?

Bloody amatuers

That's not interference...

......of course not...just being friendly

A plan coming together......Phase 1.......

.....Phase 2.......

.........Phase 3.......

.........Phase 4.......

..........touchdown.......& some emotion

Another plan........1....





.....6.......fooled ya.

The Blizzard participating in negotiations 

Everybody wants to get into the discussion group

Should we vote chaps?

Perhaps not

Warrior down


See you at training

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