Sunday, September 9, 2012


During this footy season there are two girls that made a huge difference to our team......

Sarah Banks & Wendy Armour

.......................This is a small tribute & thankyou to them.

Coach Danny:  "Great job this year by Wendy & Sarah I was sceptical at the beginning of the year but you girls did a great job and we all appreciate it."

Coach Bluey: "A special thanks to Wendy & Sarah for all their effort throughout the year.  Not only did they turn up to games to ensure the guys were strapped and ready for battle, but for turning up to training all year as well. I know the whole club appreciated your efforts.  Most of all, thanks for being part of the team.  Our successes would have been fewer without your efforts."

President Danny Cassells:  " I must congratulate Sarah & Wendy on a fantastic effort over the last 12 months. They were committed for the whole year and without them a lot of you would not have played some of the games."


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