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Round 13 Boorowa Rovers V Harden Hawks 11 August 2012

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A big thankyou to Vanessa Lalliard for permission to use many of the photographs she took on this occasion.  Hers are the better ones.


The Players (with jersey numbers)

1. Anthony Crowe

10. John Butterfield
15. Dez Cockburn
5. Matt Jones

11. Scott Irwin

L-R 16. Tim Costello, 2. Justin Corkery, 17 Dean Allen

7. Michael O'Malveney

11. Scott Irwin (again) & 9. Nick Keeley

13. Trent Holland

18. Josh Fogg

16. Tim Costello (again)

L-R 6. Nathan Lalliard, 4. Mike  Smith,  19, Mark Higgins

3. Chris Turner

8. Sam Lynam

12. Graham Moorby (Capt)

20. Murray Armour

14. David Boyle


Anthony Crowe x 1
Mike Smith x 1
Nick Keeley x 1
Mark Higgins x 1


Anthony Crowe x 1

The Player's Player:

Captain Graham Moorby

Coach Danny Says:

Great win boys, another outstanding defensive effort.  We continue to turn over a lot of cheap ball to our opposition each week.  Maybe you guys just love to tackle. Really proud of the effort from everyone this game.  I thought Moorbs, Dezzy & Crowey were standouts.  Good to see Smitty back in the form we know he is capable of and also happy with the performance of the little fat fella off the bench, scoring a try and working hard in defense.  Thanks to all the ladies who turned out for the day and the girls involved in organising the day.  See you all at training. Go Rovers.

Coach Bluey Says:

Great win and significant step towards the minor premiership. We turned over the ball a few times, giving Harden great field position, but our defense was up to the task with a really gutsy display.  We will have a small change in tactics for the up coming game against Hall, so see you at training so we can have a couple of solid ball sessions.  A highlight for Tuesday night will be the match race between Smitty and Coach Lalliard.  With a handicap of 35m I think the big man will wipe the floor with the speedy winger.  Go Rovers.

Captain Will Says:

Great game of football. Played at a frantic pace from one end of the field to another. Some really odd looking characters out there, but it was for a really worthy cause. Again our forwards were outstanding both trucking us out of our own quarter and bruising in defence. Smitty and Crowey must be mentioned who both had cracking games. Well done to everyone who supported us on the day. The boys are so proud to play for the town and we hope that we can bring home the chocolates for you this year!!  Plenty of work still to do though, but we are up for the challenge!!

President Danny Cassell Says:

Congratulations men! What another fantastic defensive display.  I can only imagine how you would go with 50 percent possession.  If you wanted to know the meaning of a "Captains Knock", you only had to look at the performance by Moorbs on the weekend.  One of his best games ever in the Mighty Green & Gold.  I thought everyone gave it everything they had on the weekend, which resulted in a good win and has the town abuzz at the chance to host the semi finals in a fortnight's time.  Keep up the great work.  I know everyone is behind you and don’t forget its not only the 20 players that are selected each week, its your coaches,trainers, supporters & Sponsors that have helped you get into this position. Go you Rovers!

Canberra Waterboy Says:

Too close boys.  Don't you have any respect for an old bloke's ticker?  I can't cope with the stress.  Please lads......I like BIG margins.  That said, an absolutely awesome defensive display.  You guys are making history in Boorowa.  The grand final is there if we want it.  But we don't lose any games......not now...not ever.


Let the show begin....................................

Vanessa Lalliard's contribution starts here:

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