Monday, July 30, 2012

Round 12 Boorowa Rovers V Crookwell Green Devils 29 July 2012


The Players (with jersey numbers)

1.Anthony Crowe

2. Justin Corkery

3. Chris Turner

4. Mike Smith

5.Murray Armour

6. Tim costello

7. Michael O'Malveney

8. Sam Lynam

9. Nick Keeley

10. John Butterfield

11. Dez Cockburn

12. Graham Moorby (Capt)

13. Scott Irwin

14. David Boyle

15. Justin Tarrant

16. Mark Higgins

17. Josh Fogg

25. Trent Holland

26. Ben Roberts

20. Matt Jones


Anthony Crowe x 2
Justin Corkery x 3
Tim Costello x 1
Michael O'Malveney x 1
Dez Cockburn x 1
Trent Holland x 1
Matt Jones x 1


Anthony Crowe x 8

The Player's Player:

Anthony Crowe - by unanimous vote


Great effort from the boys today.  We showed we are the ones to beat this year and showed that we can score points just as well as defend them.  Crowie was outstanding for us at the back and good to see him score 2 and kick a few goals for a total of 24 points.  Trent and Sammy led the way up front.  Business end of the season now boys.  Bluey and I certainly have a few tough decisions line-up wise in the coming weeks. Go the Rovers.


Good Solid win! Except for the first 5 minutes of each half we played good tough footy and made good decisions in attack.  A couple of silly things, but it can be hard to stay focussed as the score passes 50. I have been reprimanded by the first aide team for being too hard on the boys after a great win. It was a good win and combinations are really starting to come together.  Good game Crowie.  Well deserved Man of The Match.We welcome back Lalliard and Allen next game which will be a massive game on our Ladies Day. See you at training. Go Rovers.


Was a bit of a danger game for us this week. We knew the Devils wouldn't lie down and just let us win. After a sluggish start we kicked into gear and blew them off the park. We controlled the ball well with our forwards trucking up the field all game. Defence was solid as usual but we could still work on slowing their play-the-balls down by getting a few more numbers into tackles. Overall a pleasing result, enjoy the week off boys because it's all business from here on in. Rover and out. 


The commitment that I spoke of last week was there to see today.  Everybody showed up to play and the result was obvious.  Keep that commitment up and we will get there.  The next two games will require everything we have.  We are aiming for a home semi, followed by a Grand Final win.  The other options are not on the agenda.  This includes goal kicking for the specialists.  That trick cost us 4 points!

PS: I think I owe someone a beer and a laundry subsidy. Let me know who you are and please accept my apologies.


I thought that we probably played one of our better games for the year. Our defense was reasonably good and our direction around the park was the best it has been for some while. If we can keep intensity up for the whole game I honestly don’t think there is a side that can match us. As for crowey what do you say brilliant comes to mind , and it was good to see a couple of blokes recapture a bit of early season form. The only thing that can beat us now boys is ourselves so discipline both at training and during games is a must from now on. Oh and to Boyley and Sam fair dinkum they were terrible attempts. Go the Rovers

Very nice in the sun.

Dancing coach...step 1

Dancing coach...step 2

Work him over ......

The Crowe

You want some????

You got some!

Its not over yet


Fooled ya...its Keels

I'm got nothin'

Enjoy the rest fella..


Girls to the rescue...goal post head butt.


Its OK mate, because.......

........their guy went too.

Crowe man.....

Go the Crowe.....

Crowe touchdown

Nose job?????


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