Sunday, July 22, 2012

Round 11 Boorowa Rovers V Boomanulla Raiders 21 July 2012



The Players (with jersey numbers)

Player profile link - HERE

1 Anthony Crowe

2. Justin Corkery

3. Dez Cockburn

4.Mike Smith
5. Chris Turner

7. Michael O'Malveney

8. Sam Lynam
9. Nick Keeley

10. Trent Holland

11. David Boyle

12. Graham Moorby (Capt)

13. Scott Irwin

14. Murray Armour

15. Tim Costello

16. John Butterfield

17. Mark Higgins

18. Phillip Beere

19. Brett Izzard

26. Ben Roberts


Justin Corkery x 2
Mike Smith x 1
John Butterfield x 1
Brett Izzard x 1


Anthony Crowe x 2
Justin Corkery x 1

The Player's Player:

Nick Keeley, with Scotty, Butters, Dez, Cossie & Morbs all in the mix.  Great effort from all.

Coach Danny Says:

A good defensive effort by the boys this week. Our attack didn't really click and we showed little respect for the ball, which resulted in us defending for most of the first half.  In the end we played below our best but we still got the two points.  I don't think the two weeks off did us any favours.  Great work to get to the top of the table now, but we have three tough games ahead.  We are the team to beat.  Keep up the good work boys.  Go Rovers!

Coach Bluey Says:

Great defensive effort, but again we had to defend far too much because we failed to respect the ball.  We played a team that were playing for their season so it was great to get the 2 points against a desperate opposition.  Nick Keeley was outstanding in what was probably the performance of the year.  We still have plenty of work to do but we are now guaranteed to play finals footy as the worst we can finish is fourth.  See you at training.  Go Blizzard.........I mean Rovers.

 Danny Cassells, Club President says:

Fantastic result with only 3 games remaining in regular season.I think it has been around 11 years since Boorowa were on top of the table and I think we will stay there for a couple more months yet.I thought the boys really dug deep in defence on the weekend and in most games that is the difference between winning and losing. Attack was down a little but that can be expected after 3 weeks off but we still managed 5 trys so it couldn’t have been that bad! It was a bit of a struggle in the first half where I thought Moorbs and Des were great and really kept us in the game with some really good defence.Congragulations must go to Keeley who played brilliant footy and stood out by a long way. Anyways that game is done and the whispers coming out of Crookwell is they only want to win one more game this year and I guess you know who that is against!!! So boys be prepared for the hardest game you have played so far TRUST ME!

Captain Will says:

A good result after the two weeks off.  We were down a few players in key positions but Rovers really showed off their player depth. Understandably we were a bit rusty especially with the ball but the boys defence was still solid. With Boomanullas season on the line they were desperate for a win but the Rovers weathered the storm and came away with the points. Special mention, too, must go to our man of the match Nick Keeley who was outstanding both with the ball and in defence. We look forward to taking on Crookwell next week as the Rovers roll continues.

The Canberra Waterboy says:  

This was the must-win game and you guys pulled it off.  Great defence, scrappy attack, but the score board counts.  However, our remaining games will see the opposition determined to smash the upstarts from Boorowa.  Every point will count, every play will count, every mistake will count as all teams strive to knock us down.  A home semi and a grand final berth are within reach.  We will only get there if we want it!   Only those players who want victory are needed from now on.  Whatever your role - starting side, on the bench, running water & messages - you need to turn up hungry for victory.  DO YOU WANT IT?

And the ball is..........

...........over there some place.

Hang in there Corks


But Crowey wont surrender

Blizzard time....... just love the camera......see further down.



........He's there somewhere.......


..........Go Dez..........

.....don't stop boy.......


.......DEZY...........oh bugger!!!!!! Double movement.

I thought it was for the players???

Blizzard Try....8 years in the making

Ball puncher....its not AFL mate.

Walk away Sammy...

.....good lad.

Ah Crowey...played 80 minutes with the flu...

.........converted 2 deserved a rest.  Well  done mate.

That you Higgo....?

...I think it is.....

.......just loves the camera.....

....keep going mate......

"Anybody there........there's a big chap in front of me.....

.......who's doing the Haka..... you take the ball Keels....he's too mean looking."


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