Sunday, May 20, 2012

Round 4 Boorowa Rovers V Boomanulla Raiders 19 May 2012


Tries: Trent Holland x 3, Michael O'Malveney x 1, Nick Keeley x 1, Justin Corkery x 2 and Scott Irwin x 1.

Goals: Nathan Lalliard x 4

Player's Player: Scott Irwin closely followed by Sam Lynam &Trent Holland

The Canberra Waterboy says: You didn't break the Raider's spirit but you did get them a little annoyed (with help from the Ref). The result tells it all. Cool heads, ball control and discipline does win games.

Coach Danny says:  Great to string two wins together. Some real positives came out of the game and plenty of things to work on.  We need some variation in attack now we are starting to stick with combinations and hang onto the ball.  We can work on these at training.  Our defence was not as strong as it has been in recent weeks, particularly on our own line.  It was good to have the opportunity to give all 20 players a bit of time on the field.  Positions are very competitive so make every effort to be at every training.

Coach Bluey says:  Starting with the positive, it was great to score 8 tries and show that we can attack when we hold onto the ball.  However, we showed that we still have some defensive issues to work on, especially when defending our line.  We also need to be mindful of structure when we have field position.  Good win.  See everyone at training on Tuesday.

The Blood on The Wattle Award:  Scotty....who seems to love barking his knee.

Getting ready with a few stretches........
.......and stuff.....


.......and better do something.....

.......and stretches.....

.......and coach.


That'll do!

What's happening....?

Mmmm, looks like they scored.

That you Turner?

They scored again..

Affectionate embrace, but Morbs doesn't approve

Crowey is everywhere

...and again

Tuck yourself in big fella

Bit fuzzy...but had to leave it in

What's that David?

"This is what I want you to do..."


No dignity in this game

That's my job done!

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